Saturday, December 6, 2008


I have so many memories flooding my brain these days. Some are from Christmas seasons when I was growing up. Like how on Christmas Eve, we would go to my grandma's and have dinner (always sloppy joes and chips) and exchange gifts with everyone there. Then we would go home, mom and dad would spend hours in the kitchen making pies, cakes, candies, dressing, and anything else they could come up with while I watched "A Christmas Carol" in the living room, enjoying the reasonably quiet atmosphere. It was always deceivingly calm.

Other memories are of mine and Tim's first Christmas' together. We had so little, yet somehow still managed to make those years special. Our second Christmas after we were married was especially difficult. Buddy was only 4 months old. We were only able to afford to buy him one gift! I bought Tim a coffee mug with candy in it. Tim bought me a coffee maker with an espresso maker. I remember crying because there was no way we could afford it, yet he thought of the perfect gift for me, and made it work. He woke me up very early with Michael W. Smith's Christmas album. I got up, got the baby, and went into the living room. We laid on the floor next to the tree and just enjoyed being together, our little family. It is a precious memory.

Other memories aren't of Christmas at all. They are of my Jr. High days. Why are these memories flooding me? Because I had the opportunity today to spend some time with one of my best friends from that time of my life. We spent countless nights at each others houses laughing, playing games, listening to music, and arguing over who was cuter: Joey or Danny (New Kids on the Block)! We had so much fun together. One of my biggest regrets is not keeping that friendship alive once we hit high school. But we have recently revived that old friendship, and I am so very happy about that. We haven't changed much over the years. She said it best: We are stronger and more responsible, but basically the same person. While a lot of things about me have changed, she's right about my basic beliefs, which have not changed.

So here's to memories, both the old and the new ones that have not yet occurred.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Growing Up

I hated the whole social aspect of growing up. I am reminded of that every time I watch my kids struggle with that very thing. My oldest is a very laid back, easy-go-lucky kind of kid, but he is lacking in confidence. My daughter is full of confidence, but it is fragile. Any hint of negativity and she is sent into a tailspin. My youngest has not these issues...Yet.

I understand my daughter better than most. I had a difficult time keeping friends while I was growing up. I think I tried too hard, or something like that. Then, I didn't try at all. It seems the friends that stuck were the ones just like me. We were the girls who could go the entire lunch hour without uttering a sound, or we were the loudest in the cafeteria! We didn't spend much time together outside of school. We can now go years without talking, but not feel like any time has passed the next time we talk. Now that I'm an adult, my friendships seem to stick better, but they are still of the nature that we don't talk or hang out much outside of church or church related activities.

My daughter is in her fragile state right now. She questions her friendships, even ones that are nearly as old as she is! She worries they don't want to be her friends any more. There are other girls who, unfortunately, and unknowingly, feed this fragility. My normally confident little girl is reduced to tears and worry. I hate that for her! I hate that this is a part of life, a part of being a girl, a part of growing up. I wish there was an easier way for her to learn that people come and go in our lives, according to the purpose they are supposed to fulfill. Sometimes, friendships fade away. And that is okay. I wish she could learn it in a way that didn't hurt her. I want to protect her from pain. I can't. It's what will make her strong; and, ultimately, a better person.

Monday, September 15, 2008


So, I have the most amazing husband ever! For a guy who dislikes everything that has to do with country music, he did pretty good!
Brother Trouble, Miranda Lambert, and Kenny Chesney! All amazing!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Kids and Trampolines don't always mix!

My kids love to jump on our Olympic style trampoline. It is rectangle and really bouncy. They have learned to do many tricks, double bounce each other, and flips. They've gotten pretty good. Yesterday, around 6:45 or so, Marti did her front flip. She's really very good at landing them. This time was no exception. Unfortunately, when she took a step back, she was too close to the edge. She fell. One of the teenagers from down the street held her, while another teen came to find me. They thought she just knocked the wind out of herself. But then, she screamed. I came walking around the corner, looked at her wrist, and knew it was broke. We rushed to the ER, they did their thing, and sure enough, she broke it right in front of the growth plate. That's a good thing. The doc said it would heal itself within 4 weeks. She's in a plaster cast, her dad and I have already signed it. Did I mention the first day of school my youngest, Toby, feel on the play ground and I had to go get him, take him to the doctor to make sure he didn't need stitches? Yeah, my oldest is going to be wrapped in bubble wrap for about 2 or 3 weeks!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Growing Up

As a kid, I can remember not being able to wait until I was an adult and could make the rules myself! And there are parts of it I actually do enjoy. I love love love being a mom. I enjoy being married, having someone with flesh to lean on. I love my job, my role as a minister's wife, and I mostly enjoy being a daughter-in-law.

What I DON'T like is watching my parents declining health. My dad has too many medical issues to get into. My mom has been relatively healthy most of her life. She's had a few surgeries over her lifetime, but nothing drastic. So yesterday, when my dad called to tell me they had taken her to Bailey Medical here in Owasso by ambulance, I was shocked. Chest and back pain. Come to find out, she's been having anxiety attacks, numbness in the left arm, and pain in and around the "female" region. She's been ignoring her symptoms for awhile now. The ER doc asked if she was willing to stay overnight for observation, and then testing for cardiac complications in the morning. She hesitated, and I jumped in. "YES! She is willing!" Her and my dad just looked at each other and then at me. "I want to know what's wrong! Don't you!?" Yes, of course they did. So she stayed.

I'm the oldest kid. It's so strange that they are looking to me. It's stranger still that her brother's are calling me for updates, and not calling my dad. I don't know that I'm ready for this new responsibility. I will take care of my mom when I am able and when she is willing. But selfishly, I am raising my own family. Do I have time for this? I know she will be okay. They are going find out what's wrong, medicate her properly and send her home to rest. This is just a warning sign to her, and a glimpse of what's to come for me I suppose.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Family Fun

Today was an awesome day for the Tibbles' family. We have all been so busy, and going in different directions for so long. Since we couldn't afford to go on a real (or even mini) vacation, I decided a day trip was in high order!

I remember many summers growing up when my family would go to local state parks here in Oklahoma, my favorite being Woolaroc. So I found Woolaroc online and told the hubby he would take the day off on Friday, August 1st because, "We are going on a field trip!" And we did.

I packed the cooler and a basket with a great lunch of sandwiches, chips and cookies, mini cans and bottles of soda, juice pouches and water. It was wonderful, and everyone had a great time! The picture is in the lookout tower on top of one of the buildings.

If you live in Oklahoma and have never been to Woolaroc, you NEED TO GO! Check it out! Some of my other childhood favorites are the Phillips 66 museum and mansion in Bartlesville and Will Rogers birth place in Claremore. All these are related in time to the oil boom. Actually, Phillips 66 is the same Frank Phillips who created Woolaroc!

What are some of your favorite day trips? And if you don't have any, create some! It's a wonderful way to build your family connectivity!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Prayer requests and other things

1) My sister-in-law is 4 months pregnant. Most would think she is out of the danger zone. We all did. But then something happened on Saturday that made her go to the hospital. She has placenta previa. This is when the placenta forms in the wrong spot. I may be over-simplifying this, but that's what I do! I AM a mom and preschool teacher after all! Anyway, the baby is doing wonderful and has a strong heart beat. Alisha on the other hand is on 80% bed rest. Her husband, Jeremy, says that isn't good enough, 100% bed rest. Only getting up to use the restroom. I just can't imagine how she must be feeling. My prayer is that she would be safe through this pregnancy, not bleed too much, and is able to make it to term, which is late January.

2) This one is more tricky. I don't want to say too much on this matter, but suffice it to say that Tim and I have a few different friends whose spouses have chosen to leave for whatever reason. Infidelity has been a part of this. Please pray for our friends to make it through this very hard time. In two cases, the spouse who cheated wants out, and the victim wants to work things out. My heart is breaking for these friends.

Tim and I continue to be blessed. God is so good to us.

We are very ready for school to start. The kids are starting to fight more regularly, and they are incredibly whinny. I keep saying I can't take any more! So I guess you can add me to that prayer request list, that I keep my sanity over the next two weeks! Yes, I said two weeks, we start school on August 13! Yippee!!!!